Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Throwback Thursday week 4

My goal is to have these ready much earlier than the night before - this week, I am just glad to get a few minutes to get it done.

Lately I have been sharing an event or story that goes along with what I am posting. To be honest, I just don't have the gumption for it today. Cleaning up 4 pukes and dealing with dehydration can do that to you.

I am going to dust off an oldie but a goodie and share it.

Here it is.

It has an old cover and everything!  :)

This is actually one of my favorite units.  TONS of Hands On activities and centers. So colorful and has black and white options for everything. It is on the list to be revamped and updated, but that will be a little down the road.

Your turn! Pull something off the shelf that has been there for a while.

Link Up your oldies, but goodies below - 1 paid, 1 free.

How about some themes this week!

1. President's Day
2. Ground Hog Day
3. Valentine's Day
4. Spring
5. Weather

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What's New Wednesday Week 4

Last week in preschool we have tons of fun learning with polar bears, penguins and filled in with other fun winter things.


Check out what we did and what we used!
Polar Bear Hunt
Frozen Sensory Bags
Polar Starting Sounds
Winter Shape Sort
Mitten Patterns File Folder Game
Winter Image Sorting and Data Collection
Polar: How Many More?
Winter Hat Flip and Find
Not too bad seeing that we are in adjustment mode. Hickman #1 started working again - PTL! - on Monday.

However, because we are in adjustment mode the Valentine items I am trying to get done and posted -- yeah still sitting here. It will be up for next week's What's New Wednesday though.

Without further ado it is time for the link up!

The product I am highlighting this week is my Hands On Polar Bear Centers.

The freebie from last week (which is still free) pairs with this just swimmingly!

Just to highlight a few of the great activities that are in here:

Hands On Ten Frame, Science Journal, and Word Family Building


Now it is your turn! Link up your newest or one of your newest items (try to link up something you haven't before). One Paid, One Free.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Purpose and Intentions - 2015 Goals

As I am getting ready to write a post about my first year selling on Teachers Pay Teachers I was looking at some of the changes that I have made that are ... actually bringing in results!

I am going to share some of these with you today.

When I talked about where we are going in 2015 I mentioned I set some goals, but I didn't really go into much detail on them.

Here is the big one with sales:

With one of my techniques right there too.  Putting the big goal in writing and setting smaller goals to help get there! I like seeing the countdown to reach the goal too. I have been known to say things like ... hey are you going to be the one to put me over the sales goal? on Twitter and share a product that would put me there.

Logically I should have a goal of 2k this month. HOWEVER, I have yet to sell over 150 in one month. There are things that I need to get moving to even think about a month of 2K. Now granted, God can do anything and I am not going to limit him.  I also know myself and I would be sitting here moping come February 1st that I didn't hit that goal.

Then I have my second life line.  I am old school and cheap.  It's okay that I am cheap I would have to be altering anything I purchase to make it work perfectly for me anyway.

In here I have all my plans, ideas and sketches. Then I have this bad boy.

Yes, Teachers Pay Teachers gives you a great list of products. I needed to take that list a step further. I wanted a place where I could know exactly what I have for each product. Does it have an updated cover? Does it have a pinnable image other than the cover? Have I blogged about it and have in use pictures? It's a To-Do List and Tracking Sheet in one! It is amazing!

This works much better than my last option ... the ever going list.

My second life line has a friend - this is my Social Media Binder. Yep a whole binder for it! Mostly because I don't need to take this with me. If I am doing the serious marketing part of my job I am stationary. The on the go stuff, that is the engagement of the communities. For that stuff I have this little guy in my planner.

When I do stuff on my phone I can just mark it on here and then I can transfer it to the tracking sheet in the binder when I sit down to do my marketing.

Back to the binder! I have several things going on in this beautiful thing.

Social Media Tracking - weekly, *Not Pictured monthly goal tracking*

Pinning Party Tracking - Great for keeping track of what parties you are participating in and results.
Room for before and after stats.  

Rule tracking of the all the boards I am part of.

Sheet to track exactly what I pinned to the board. I like to pin in a certain way,
there will be more about that at a later time.

This one is by product. There is product information at the top and pin tracking down the side.
Being consistent with marketing, pinning and increasing my social marketing has increased sales. I can't tell you how much, or how, but I can tell you this ... when I don't do it, my sales show it.

Want them? Click on the picture. They are free.  Since they are free come back and rate them after you have used them.

Friday, January 23, 2015

#BestSellerSaturday 4

It is that time of the week again!

Time to highlight your Best Seller of the Week.

I was a little surprised when I looked for my best seller this week.  I have a 3 way tie!  Instead of picking just one I am going to highlight the bundle they are ALL in.

This great bundle has 6 resources for all sorts of math centers and hands on learning fun.  In fact we are using items out of this bundle this week in preschool.  I am looking forward to sharing with you the product in action.

You turn! You can link up 1 paid and 1 free product.  No theme this week, just your best seller of the week.

This Week During Preschool

I don't think we have done much with preschool time since Halloween - and that is actually one of our goals for 2015 is to be consistent with preschool time.

When preparing for school time this week I realized two things.

1. My printer is way, way too low on ink to print anything off until after 1st paycheck.
2. I think my printer is starting to need to be replaced. What I printed had the dreaded ... my printer head is starting to go lines.  

Seeing that I updated all of our winter items I am using pieces from last year's versions. 

This week in preschool we used:

Polar Bear Bundle

Penguin Bundle

Snowmen Bundle

Hat and Mitten Math Bundle

I look forward to sharing our week with you! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Throw Back Thursday #3

For those of you who have been around a while or personally know our family. It will be no surprise. Little Mister loves Trains, Cars, Trucks and pretty much anything with wheels.

We have this great place locally called Entertrainment Junction. It is this HUGE model train display. It really is pretty cool for us museum type nerds *cough* Hickman #1 and #2 *cough*. Here is why it is great for the kids too.  THE HUGE PLAY AREA.

Now it is a little expensive to be frequent players, but we do take the kids here from time to time.

They both have a blast. My little man could stand at that train table and play for HOURS. I might be taking them here next week so I figured we would dust off the train unit for today's Throw Back Thursday.

Throwback Thursday is where we "dust" off something from the shelves and give it a feature.  If you click here you can see how I turned this unit into a lapbook for some educational Thanksgiving entertainment.

Here is a peek inside.

Now it is your turn!

Please don't use something you have already linked up for a Throw Back Thursday.  You can link 1 Paid and 1 Free product.

All products are pinned to Throwback Thursday pin board.  Feel free to follow and re-pin.

What's New Wednesday #3

Welcome to this week's installment of What's New Wednesday. This is a place to showcase our newest (no matter how old that newest is) products.

Before I jump right into what I am sharing this week let me tell you how it came about.  I get a text from E.  "I was asked if Little Miss and Little Mister can be on Pop's birthday wall. I think someone is missing her friends."

I am at the library working when I get this text and I text her back. Setting something up for today. Well I know how much Baby H (now 2) loves my coloring books.  So ... I made ...


I do think it needs a better cover at some point.  For now it is free.  These are the first 3 pages, it has 11 in all.

Head on over and get yours.  You can click on any of the images to be directed to my store or my link in the link up.

Time for the link up!

Link up your latest product, 1 paid and 1 freebie.  If you have linked up your newest product during a previous link up please link up your next newest item.  All products are pinned to the What's New Wednesday Pin Board.  Follow and repin if you like.


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